Diversity Statement
Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary for any successful creative endeavor. StudioChunky believes that we must fully embrace these values to interact and communicate effectively, and to thrive and enjoy the richness of a diverse world.
The StudioChunky family believes that, as storytellers, diversity increases the meaning and quality of our work. Diversity reveals our blind spots. Diversity makes StudioChunky enriching, fulfilling, welcoming and fun.
We believe that the contributions of each person are vital to the success of us all. We believe that equity is built on mutual respect and appreciation.
We believe the immeasurable value of every person is, in part, derived from their culture, ethnicity, heritage, beliefs, nationality, and geography, and that each aspect contributes to their unique ideas and points of view.
The only constant is change. Diversity and inclusion help us navigate change with agility and confidence. StudioChunky is the sum of its staff, clients, family, and friends. It is their contributions of knowledge, experience, and skills with which we manage transformation and navigate change.
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